Project MXL is a 501c(3) nonprofit that was founded with the desire to help Veterans and their families lead happy & healthy lives through fitness.


We are proud to offer the finest in Project MXL gear supplied by our veteran-owned partner, Warrior Culture Gear. Every purchase helps Veterans and their families in our Community by impacting their lives through fitness.

All our gear is ethically sourced using sustainable and eco-friendly resources. Get the latest gear by clicking below!

Our Story

Project MXL is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that has made it its mission to help Veterans and their families lead happy and healthy lives. We understand the importance of exercise for physical and mental well-being, and strive to make this accessible for those who have served our country.

Our team enrolls local Veterans and their families at fitness centers that share our same values of health and happiness. With the generous support from our local partners and affilaites, we are proud to cover these costs so they don't need to worry. We firmly believe that by providing this valuable resource, we can show our appreciation for the sacrifices they have made on our behalf.

We are passionate about helping Veterans and their families get connected to the community, build new relationships and enjoy meaningful activities. Our goal is to ensure that these individuals have access to the physical and mental benefits of exercise without any financial burden. We strive to be a source of hope, happiness and connection, while also providing emotional support through our partner, Battle Borne.

At Project MXL, we recognize the importance of physical activity in maintaining overall well-being, but we also understand the difficulty in accessing resources due to cost or lack of community support. We aim to bridge that gap by offering free memberships to fitness centers for Veterans and their families


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Working with Project MXL and their team has been a great experience! We are always looking for ways to support the Veteran Community, and Project MXL makes events easy and successful. Their program is 100% designed to assist veterans with their fitness journey & we are happy to be a part of it.

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Veteran [Application Process]

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Once approved by the Project MXL team, we will send you a personalized offer with your terms. Typically, we will fund the full amount of your membership with you agreeing to attend your gym at minimum of 3 days a week. Of course, we understand things come up and will work with you to ensure you are taken care of and fully supported.

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Through Project MXL, we are creating a unique and valuable opportunity to bridge the gap between veterans and citizens within our communities. We are harnessing the power of our amazing Partners to help us reach our goal of helping Veterans throughout our communities. By joining Project MXL, you are part of something bigger than ourselves.